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    The Lexical Approach - The State Of Elt And A Way Forward

    The Lexical Approach - The State Of Elt And A Way Forward
  • Autor: Michael Lewis
  • THE LEXICAL APPROACH develops current thinking, synthesizing the best insights of previous theory, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, and modern approaches to grammar.
  • Principles of THE LEXICAL APPROACH include:the grammar, vocabulary dichotomy is invalid; collocation is used as an organizing principle; successful language is a wider concept than accurate language; the Observe-Hypothesize-Experiment cycle replaces the Present-Practice-Produce paradigm; and, most importantly, language consists of grammatacalized lexis, not lexicalized grammar.
Tytuł: The Lexical Approach - The State Of Elt And A Way Forward
Wydawnictwo Thomson-Heinle
ISBN-13: 9780906717998

Cena: 184.00 zł

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