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    Language: The Social Mirror

    Language: The Social Mirror
  • Author: Elaine Chaika
  • Offering a user-friendly introduction to sociolinguistics, this volume addresses the ways in which language serves the needs of the individual and society.
  • Features:
    - Engaging narrative style promotes critical thinking about observations and readings.
    - Easy to read and accessible to nonlinguists
    - Reflects current research developments in sociolinguistics
    - New chapters: phonetics, investigation, sociolinguistics and the professions, orality and literacy, dialects, pragmatics, and power and language in society

  • Table of Contents:
    1. What is Language
    2. Bilingualism: Individual and Social
    3. Style of Speech
    4. Kinesics: the Silent Language
    5. Pragmatics
    6. Orality and Literacy
    7. Field Methods
    8. Everybody Speaks a Dialect
    9. Speech Communities
    10. Gender and Language
    11. Sociolinguistics and the Professions

  • paperback, 448 pages
  • Publisher: Thomson Heinle
Tytuł: Language: The Social Mirror
Wydawnictwo Thomson-Heinle
ISBN-13: 9780838447314

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