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    English For Academic Study - Listening

    English For Academic Study - Listening
  • Autor: Colin Campbell and Jonathan Smith
  • A university preparation course developed in collaboration with the University of Reading, EAS: Listening is designed to develop note-taking skills and to improve understanding during academic studies.
  • Key features
    - audio CD included with Course Book;
    - varied lecture styles and topics to meet the needs of students in a range of academic fields;
    - scaffolded approach to increase confidence and learner independence;
    - colourful and attractive layout.

  • Content:
    - Listening and lectures
    - Introductions to lectures
    - Identifying key ideas in lectures
    - Note-taking
    - Introducing new terminology
    - What lecturers do in lectures
    - Digressions

  • Poziom: Upper-intermediate - Proficiency: CEF B2-C2: IELTS 5.0-7.5+
  • Oprawa miękka, format 290x208x6mm
Tytuł: English For Academic Study - Listening
Wydawnictwo Garnet Education
ISBN-13: 9781859649862

Cena: 74.86 zł (rabat 5%)
Cena katalogowa: 78.80 zł

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