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    English For Academic Study - Reading

    English For Academic Study - Reading
  • Autor: John Slaght
  • A reading course developed in collaboration with the University of Reading, EAS: Reading is ideal for students on foundation, pre-sessional and pre-departure courses.
  • This course combines elements of both the Strategies Approach to reading and the Task-Based Approach, which are of particular use to students in an EAP learning environment.
  • Key features:
    - the Strategies Approach includes the utilization of skills such as skimming, scanning, search reading, careful reading and browsing
    - the Task-Based Approach attempts to replicate authentic reading situations and purposes. It suggests that effective readers are motivated by the desire to acquire knowledge in order to perform a task

  • Content:
    - Academic achievement
    - Early human development
    - The environment today
    - Statistics without tears
    - Human activity and climate change
    - The global village
    - The new linguistic order

  • Poziom: Upper-intermediate - Advanced: CEF B2-C1: IELTS 5.0 - 7.0
  • Oprawa miękka, format A4, stron: 68
Tytuł: English For Academic Study - Reading
Wydawnictwo Garnet Education
ISBN-13: 9781859648360

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