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    English For Academic Study - Speaking

    English For Academic Study - Speaking
  • Autor: Joan McCormack and Sebastian Watkins
  • A university preparation course developed in collaboration with the University of Reading, EAS: Speaking is based on extensive research into the needs of students, from participation in seminars to critical thinking.
  • Key features:
    - Topic-led units develop presentation and seminar participation skills
    - Reading and listening texts help generate ideas
    - Useful language section supports discussions and presentations
    - Regular review units and learner diary sections to consolidate work
    - audio CDs for further self-study or homework
    - Useful 20-page appendix

  • This course book enables students to refine their presentation skills by finding a focus, organising ideas and presenting information from a text. It also allows them to develop their seminar skills: chairing a discussion, listening actively and building on what others have said. Students also have the opportunity to design questionnaires and exchange information while engaging in texts and listening activities that encourage them to think about topics from different perspectives and reach balanced conclusions.

  • Content:
    - Being a successful student
    - Learning online
    - Changing roles in the family
    - A healthy lifestyle
    - The influence of the media
    - Consolidation unit
    - The world of work
    - Protecting the environment
    - Science and the paranormal

  • Poziom: Upper-intermediate - Proficiency: CEF B2-C2: IELTS 5.0-7.5+
  • Oprawa miękka, format A4, stron: 128
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