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    English For Academic Study - Vocabulary

    English For Academic Study - Vocabulary
  • Autor: Colin Campbell
  • A vocabulary course developed in collaboration with the University of Reading, EAS: Vocabulary provides systematic practice of words that frequently occur in academic texts and encourages learner independence by showing students how to make the best use of the information in dictionaries.
  • Key features:
    - Academic vocabulary from approximately 500 high-frequency word families taken from both the General Service List and the Academic Word List
    - Two-part structure, with vocabulary topic analysis followed by focused practice
    - Systematic practice in the use of dictionaries encourages learner independence
    - Study tip and language note boxes give essential self-study tips for revising
    - For self-study or class use
    - Diagnostic test for self-assessment and improvement

  • Content:
    - Multi-meaning words
    - Word classes
    - Word families and word parts
    - Collocations
    - Word grammar
    - Academic word lists (5 units practise the 5 topic areas)
    - Appendices: answer key, achievement test and dull list of academic words found in Units 6-10

  • Poziom: Upper-intermediate - Advanced: CEF B2-C1: IELTS 5.0 - 7.0
  • Oprawa miękka, format 290x208x10mm
Tytuł: English For Academic Study - Vocabulary
Wydawnictwo Garnet Education
ISBN-13: 9781859648988

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