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    Better Writing

    Better Writing
  • Autor: Richard Harrison
  • An introductory workbook for developing students writing skills, Better Writing is designed as a supplement to main coursebooks at the low-intermediate to intermediate level. It will benefit those studying at secondary and tertiary institutions and adults undertaking training as part of their work or business experience. The author takes a step-by-step approach to the teaching of writing skills so that students produce accurate, cohesive and appropriate English.

  • Each unit is divided into two sections. The first section includes:
    - Looking at different texts
    - Picking out language points
    - Exercises for practising what you have learnt

  • The second section covers:
    - Sentence building
    - Ways of joining short sentences together (conjunctions and punctuation)
    - Putting sentences together to make paragraphs
    - Punctuation, spelling and capitalization
    - Checking what you have written
    - Vocabulary building

  • Units
    - Describing things
    - Describing how something works
    - Describing how something is made
    - Reporting what someone said
    - Comparing
    - Describing changes

  • Oprawa miękka, format 298x216x8mm
Tytuł: Better Writing
Wydawnictwo Garnet Education
ISBN-13: 9781859647028

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