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    Cambridge Dictionary Of American Idioms

    Cambridge Dictionary Of American Idioms
  • Autor: Paul Heacock
  • The most complete and authoritative idioms dictionary available, the Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms gives you the tools to understand contemporary American English. It gives clear, easy-to-understand definitions and more than 1,000 usage notes that explain what idioms mean and how they are used today. With dozens of entertaining illustrations and more than 8,000 example sentences taken from the Cambridge International Corpus, it shows how idioms are really used. The Subject Index helps learners find idioms related to health, money, feelings, truth, and many more topics, and the Study Section groups idioms to make them easier to learn. If you want to understand American English idioms, this is the book that will spell it out for you.

  • oprawa miękka, format: 220x130mm, stron: 510
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Tytuł: Cambridge Dictionary Of American Idioms
Wydawnictwo Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13: 9780521532716

Cena: 112.70

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