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    Modern British History: Since 1900

    Modern British History: Since 1900
  • Autor: Jeremy Black
  • Jeremy Blacks text provides a thematic account of British history centering on the 20th century. To the traditional, chronological account of historic events, Black adds long range thematic chapters reflecting the full range of topics. These include political structures, ideologies, wars and international relations, economic history, social history as well as consumerism, media and mass communication. The coverage is further enlivened with exhibits providing supplementary background information on key personalities and pivotal events, case studies and numerous illustrations.
  • CONTENTS: Preface - Acknowledgements - Chronology - Victorian Britain - The Condition of the People - The Condition of the Country - Technology, Science and the World of Goods - Getting Around: People, Messages and Images - Social Structures - Beliefs and Ideologies - Democratisation and the Constitution - Politics: pre-1945 - Politics: post-1945 - Economic Worlds - The Parts of the British Isles - Britain and the Outside World: Political - Britain and the Outside World: Social, Economic, Cultural - Cultural Worlds - Postscript: Into the Twenty-First Century - Glossary - Bibliography - Index

  • oprawa miękka, stron: 400, format: 242x186x26mm
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Tytuł: Modern British History: Since 1900
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ISBN-13: 9780333719541

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