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    Kill The Messenger

    Kill The Messenger
  • Autor: Tami Hoag
  • At the end of a long, hard day battling the Los Angeles traffic, bike messenger Jace Damon is called on to make a pick-up from the office of sleazy defence attorney Leonard Lowell. Jace is tired, and needs to get home to check up on his little brother who he’s single-handedly bringing up. He makes the collection, but the delivery address turns out to be a vacant lot, a car tries to run him down, and Jace only just escapes. He returns to the attorney’s office to find that Lowell has been murdered – and Jace is the prime suspect.

  • oprawa miękka, format 175x110, stron 423
Tytuł: Kill The Messenger
Wydawnictwo Orion
ISBN-13: 9780752859224

Cena: 19.00 zł (rabat 5%)
Cena katalogowa: 20.00 zł

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