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    By The Light Of The Moon

    By The Light Of The Moon
  • Autor: Dean Koontz
  • When Dylan O'Connor pulls into a motel off the Arizona interstate highway, all he wants to do is relax with his autistic brother Shep, and get a good night's sleep. Yet within the hour he finds himself bound, gagged and being injected with some mysterious fluid by a 'doctor' who claims that Dylan will be the carrier for 'his life's work'. Meanwhile, comedian Jillian Jackson is midway through her tour of seedy cocktail lounges and and second-rate comedy clubs. Her plans for stardom are dramatically altered, however, when she too falls victim to the eccentric scientist, who makes off with her beloved Cadillac. The doctor warns his victims that he is being pursued and that they too are now targets. If they're caught, they'll be killed. Both are sceptical, but when three black Chevrolet Suburbans come screaming into the motel carpark and Jillian's car is found in flames, they begin to wonder if the lunatic doctor wasn't so mad after all...

  • oprawa miękka, format 175x110mm, stron: 472
Tytuł: By The Light Of The Moon
Wydawnictwo Headline
ISBN-13: 9780747266822

Cena: 19.00 zł (rabat 5%)
Cena katalogowa: 20.00 zł

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