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    Fridays Girl

    Fridays Girl
  • Autor: Charlotte Bingham
  • When Napier Todd, a famous portrait painter, comes across a beautiful woman, Edith, working in a London inn, he determines to marry her. Spirited away to his country house, Edith soon discovers that Napier has no use for her except as his muse. Meanwhile, Napier’s best friend, Sheridan Montague Robertson, has eloped with Celandine Benyon to Cornwall, drawn there by the vibrant community of artists and dramatic light. It is here that the two couples meet. So shocked is Celandine by Napier’s treatment of Edith that she sets about trying to help the troubled marriage, but her good intentions bring nothing but tragedy.

  • oprawa miękka, format 175x105mm, stron: 507
Tytuł: Fridays Girl
Wydawnictwo Bantam Books
ISBN-13: 9780553817935

Cena: 19.00 zł (rabat 5%)
Cena katalogowa: 20.00 zł

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