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    Claudine In Paris

    Claudine In Paris
  • Autor: Colette, tłumaczenie: Antonia White
  • At the age of seventeen Claudine is in despair having left her beloved Montigny for a new life in Paris. Comforted by her devoted maid Mélie, her slug-obsessed Papa, and the trustworthy cat Fanchette, Claudines instinctive curiosity gradually leads to an awakened interest in the city. Ruthless, impetuous and chastely sensual Claudine records her witty observations and adventures amongst the intriguing characters that surround her, evoking the glamour and excitement of Parisian life. Written with striking realism Claudine in Paris is an inspiring portrait of a precious young girl on the brink of transformation into a woman for her, and our, time.

  • oprawa miękka, format: 200x130mm, stron: 166
Tytuł: Claudine In Paris
Wydawnictwo Vintage
ISBN-13: 9780099422525

Cena: 19.00 zł (rabat 5%)
Cena katalogowa: 20.00 zł

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