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    The Small Boat of Great Sorrows

    The Small Boat of Great Sorrows
  • Autor: Dan Fesperman
  • Vlado Petric, former detective in war-torn Sarajevo, has left his beloved homeland to join his wife and daughter in Germany, where he scratches a meagre living on the building sites of the new Berlin. Returning home one evening, he finds an enigmatic American investigator waiting for him in the family's small apartment. The investigator, Calvin Pine, works for the International War Crimes Tribunal, and he tells Petric that they want him to go to The Hague. It doesn't take Petric long to accept, especially when Pine tells him they are after a big fish: the man who they think is responsible for the terrible massacre of Srebenica.What Petric doesn't know is that he is also being used as bait to lure into the open a murderer from the previous generation; a man whose activities in the Second World War make the current generation of killers look like amateurs.

  • oprawa miękka, format 180x105mm, stron: 458
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Tytuł: The Small Boat of Great Sorrows
Wydawnictwo Black Swan
ISBN-13: 9780552151757

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