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    Pass Cambridge Bec Vantage - Workbook

    Pass Cambridge Bec Vantage - Workbook
  • The best-selling exam-preparation course for the international business English examination, Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC) at Vantage level.
    - 10 double units focussing on work-related situations
    - Exam tests every third unit
    - Systematic review of key grammar and vocabulary
    - Key vocabulary list with online bilingual glossary
    - Designed for students at Upper Intermediate level which is equivalent to Cambridge ESOL FCE and the Council of Europes B2 level.
  • WORKBOOK With answer key
    - The workbook is a language-focused supplement to the Students Book. Each four-page unit is divided into a grammar and a vocabulary section, which corresponds to the topics and language syllabus of the Students Book.
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Tytuł: Pass Cambridge Bec Vantage - Workbook
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ISBN-13: 9781902741345

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