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    Tokyo Station

    Tokyo Station
  • Autor: Martin Cruz Smith
  • 1922, Tokyo. Harry Niles is a wild child, an American boy in a strange country, ignored by his missionary parents. So Harry begins to lead his own life in the Tokyo underworld. One night, he is charged with delivering a painting to an enigmatic figure, the samurai Ishigami. It is an encounter that will haunt Harry Niles forever...
  • 1937, Nanking. China is under attack. The Japanese army is brutally and systematically murdering and raping the local population. In the midst of this horror, Harry finds himself face to face once again with Lieutenant Ishigami. But for the samurai warrior, their meeting leads to the greatest possible dishonour - public humiliation.
  • 1941, Tokyo. With the attack on Pearl Harbour...

  • oprawa miękka, format 175x110mm, stron: 339
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Tytuł: Tokyo Station
Wydawnictwo Pan Books
ISBN-13: 9780330488815

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