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    English For Academic Study - Speaking Revised

    English For Academic Study - Speaking Revised
  • Autor: Joan McCormack, Sebastian Watkins
  • English for Academic Study: Speaking is designed to help students develop the speaking skills they need to participate effectively in academic seminars and discussions, as well as to help them develop effective presentation skills. Each of the ten units is based on one of the topics listed below; the discussions and presentations that the students take part in during the course are related to the topic of each unit. The written and listening texts are designed to give the students different perspectives on the topics and provide evidence to support their ideas, one of the essential features of academic life. There is a learner diary at the end of each unit to help students think about the process of learning and the strategies they are developing. The unit topics are as follows:
    - being a successful student;
    - learning online;
    - changing roles in the family;
    - a healthy lifestyle;
    - the influence of the media;
    - the world of work;
    - protecting the environment;
    - science and the paranormal;
    -studying in a new environment.
  • The 2009 edition of EAS Speaking has been fully revised for ease of use, while retaining the same popular topics. As well as a new format, the Course Book now comes with unit summaries and a comprehensive glossary of terms. Each unit has weblinks offering additional information and activities, related to both speaking skills and the topics covered in the units. A dedicated website, www.englishforacademicstudy.com, offers further teacher resources.

  • oprawa miękka, format A4, stron 128, w komplecie CD
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