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    Learning To Teach English

    Learning To Teach English
  • Autor: Peter Watkins
  • The book covers the essentials of classroom management, teaching vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading, writing and pronunciation. There are also chapters on error correction, learner independence, learner variation, planning (including several full lesson plans), teaching in different contexts (ESOL, one-to-one, business, and young learners, and professional development. The appendices contain a summary of terminology to describe grammar, and also the form and main uses of many verb patterns. The book is ideal for people enrolling on, or following a Cambridge CELTA course, a Trinity College London certificate in TESOL course or any other pre-service EFL course.

  • oprawa miękka, format 250x210mm, stron: 144
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Tytuł: Learning To Teach English
Wydawnictwo Delta Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781900783743

Cena: 18.00
Cena katalogowa: 50.00 zł

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