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    Smallville 1: Arrival

    Smallville 1: Arrival
  • Autor: Michael Teitelbaum
  • Twelve years back, the sleepy town of Smallville was hit by a freak meteor shower. It left the survivors with scars and secrets. And it signalled the arrival of an alien child. He will become the most famed superhero of all time, but right now the teenaged Clark Kent has big problems just mastering his growing powers. He knows he should must these abilities secret, but they are getting harder to control. And besides, does he really want to suppress talents that are the one sure way to impress the girl of his dreams - the gorgeous and sexy Lana Lang.

  • oprawa miękka, format: 195x125mm, stron 147
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Tytuł: Smallville 1: Arrival
Wydawnictwo Atom
ISBN-13: 9781904233220

Cena: 27.00

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